Monday, September 7, 2009

40 oz Bounce

Originally I wasn't going to attend the 40 oz Bounce. Then I spoke with some people about it, explained why I wasn't going and after great deliberation my mind was made up to go. Well that and a text message saying "Jason please come and save me" Maellé. On my way their I spoke with a young man by the name of Mark, but he may be better known as Mark the Kaws, a name bestowed upon him for his appreciation of the Original Fake brand. Mark was a little reluctant to attend the Bounce and he had good reason. He and I had the same reason for not wanting to go without previously speaking on it, that was until I sent him this message.

"I understand what your saying about it being hypebeasted and I'm impressed that you took such a stand against the hype but we aren't much different from them; we just know a bit more. When we start separating ourselves from everyone else we become a bit less human." Jason Burke

For more pictures from the Bounce:


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