Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brooklyn Circus; Tailored?

These pictures were ripped straight from the facebook profile of Bevin Elias; the well dressed young man featured in the photograph's. Unfortunately this post isn't about Mr. Elias, this post is actually about what he is wearing. Bevin is sporting the newest pieces in the Brooklyn Circus collection: a denim front waist coat, soft blue oxford shirt and the navy blue overcoat.

In my personal opinion the overcoat is the best piece so far. This coat features gold tone buttons, two red stripes across each arm and a Brookyln Circus patch on the left shoulder. The craftsmanship is spectacular and the attention to detail is truly to be appreciated.
At this point it is still unclear whether the pocket scarf and the hat are apart of this collection but if they are I want to be the first to say I like the direction that the BkC is moving in. 

I still remember the interview I did with Kohey a little under a year ago and the esthetic of the line at that time, totally different direction. However there is a saying that goes: "I give you what you want, so that you may want what I have to give you." If they came out of the gate like this I don't think everyone would have received it as well as they are now.
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