Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gilt Groupe x L&F present: Alife Sale

By now I think it would be safe to assume that everyone knows about Alife, whether it's a hat that you saw someone with, a tee shirt that you own or a pair of trainers that you were always attracted to, we all love Alife. There is just a sense of realism in their clothing line that can really be appreciated when there are so many other lines imitating. 
This Friday, April 3rd at 12 noon L&F readers have the unique opportunity of getting their hands on some Alife products for a little more than half off. Through the services of the Gilt Groupe

Here is how it works, you follow the specially designed link for L&F readers featured below, sign up completely FREE, and start shopping; simple. Plus for every person that you sign up you get $25. How can you go wrong? What is the catch? There is none, so what are you waiting for? Follow the link below.
Get Alife