Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You King!

Sitting in my Biology class thinking about my own molecular structure while the professor preps us for his quiz next week. I was so deep into my day dream that when I saw the shoes on this young lady sitting in front of me I thought that I was still day dreaming. However class was dismissed and the shoes were still there.
Are you kidding me? How dare her wear brown wingtip shoes with a perfect cuff to display the argyle socks! I was so taken back by her outfit that I had to take her picture. Women don't usually have this much style (although there was that one woman from NC). It was really refreshing to see this, especially since I haven't worn my wingtip shoes to school yet. 
She brought everything together with a canvas bag and a smile.
The best part for me was her name: Yueqing Li.
When spoken it sounds like: You King Li.
Very Nice.