Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TI$A TV Presents: The Mission Statement

It's wild that he brought up the idea of FIRE and recently I've been exploring the FIRE within myself. Leo is a FIRE sign and I used to be extremely rebellious and disagreeable in my younger years (6 months ago). I have definitely calmed and become more composed as a young man and as an intellectual (there is a line between the two). I asked myself if in doing so have I cooled the FIRE within? Survey says? NO! Upon further review it has been concluded that FIRE can be neither controlled or contained for an extended period of time. FIRE can be suffocated because much like human beings FIRE requires oxygen to survive. However when man tries to harness (fancy word for control) the power of FIRE he quickly learns that in the end FIRE is wild and unattainable. So to digress, have I douched my inner FIRE? No because it is not apart of me, it is me and I am it. As the months change and the alignment of the planets alter FIRE acts like the fire on the stove when the knob is adjusted, it fluctuates between a low FIRE and a high FIRE.