Monday, August 3, 2009


When you live the life that I live you are as likely to end up on the roof of the Chase Manhattan building as you are to sleep in your own bed. The rules get made up as you go along, and soon you'll realize that there really are no rules. The law gets broken every minute and the minutes when the law is not being broken it's because your thinking up new ways to break the law. There is no establishment, event, party or show that you can't get into and getting in is just the beginning. Then you have to get backstage and make friends with the people that everyone looks up to because the crowd is just that a crowd and your an individual. Anything that isn't bolted down is coming with you as a reward for all of your effort to get to where you are standing now. Everyone loves you, even the people that can't stand you love you. The people that can't stand you have never had a conversation with you; never. Oh and the women that you meet along this journey, well... I'll let you tell it.


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