Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Easel of Life

When you hear the word art, what other word(s) come to mind? For some people the words: boring, old or dry, may come to mind. While others may conjure up words like: Beautiful, Imaginative or Creative. For me one word comes to mind: life. I feel like art is a beautiful interpretation of life. When I see a blank canvas I think of my morning and when I see a busy piece it draws my mind to mid day when things are really hectic. When I see a painting with a relaxing scenery I think of my evenings. Artwork has the power to influence and affect the thoughts and emotions of the viewer. Thats why I like to look at beautiful peaceful artwork because it brings positive energy into my mind; much like the artwork at Paragon Fine Art Gallery. The piece above is directly from the site and there is a wide variety of artist and artwork to view. I find it a joy to go through and a pleasure to enjoy. As much as I like going out to galleries, sometimes it feels good to stay home and still get to see beautiful pieces.
To enjoy more artwork check the website:

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