Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let The Bidding Begin

Have you ever visited an auction site before? Well if you have then you pretty much have an idea of how it works, right? Good, now forget it, throw that idea right out the window because here is an auction site that is going to blow you away. It's called a penny auction site and what basically happens is you see an item that you like, the bidding starts at a penny. You place your first bid to start the countdown however the bids can only be increased by the maximum of a penny. Crazy right? Not at all, it's done intentionally so that the merchandise will never reach the retail prices and customers get the deal of their lifetime. There is a fee to be paid to purchase the bids but it is only $1 and in comparison to what the retail price is for most of the items it's still in the favor of the consumer. There is a timer on the bids that starts once a bid is placed but it restarts once another bid is placed in order to give a bidder the opportunity to up their bid, so don't wait until the last minute and try to sneak in a bid and win, it will not get you far here. I guess there is only one more thing for you to do:
Follow this link:
Go to the site and register, once you register they will give you some free bids to start off with. Start bidding.

This message has been paid for by the aforementioned company.