Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Michael McDonald'

By now everyone should know that McDonalds is Coolness P's favorite fast food establishment. Since I stopped eating meat I stopped eating anything other than apple pies and fries from McDonalds, I'd much rather the fish sandwiches from Wendy's but since they have made a group decision to discontinue the sandwich I prefer not to eat fast food. However in light of the recent situation and conditions of our trip to Edinboro University we were forced to eat, sleep and think like a college student away at school; a task that I was more than ready to accept.
Having said all of that I decided to give McDonalds another try and eat the only thing on the menu that won't require me having to get my stomach pumped; the fish sandwich. Of course I had to make some minor adjustments to the sandwich such as: no cheese, sprinkled with fries, a touch of sweet and sour sauce and a side of two apple pies. Nice!

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