Thursday, September 24, 2009

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What does life mean to you
We are here for such a short period of time. 100 years might seem like a long time but in actuality it goes by rather swift. It's simple for us to imagine life because we are living it but how easy is it for us to fathom death? 

What does death mean to you?
In life what you say was what you wanted and looked forward to, it's what you worked your whole life for; worldly possessions. So what now?
Death is kind of unfair because there wasn't much thought about life before life but there is a lifetime of thought about death before death.

Death is just a step.
Life is just a step in preparation for what is to come after death. Some say there is nothing there, you just die. While others maintain there is a heaven and a hell. However no one really knows for sure. When we die in this realm it is because our heart has ceased to pump blood to the rest of our body which leads to the shut down of our brain, which is in control of the entire body. So my question to you is if the brain dies how can you live?

The soul.
James Brown sung about soul and there was a whole genre of music dedicated to it but the soul plays a very important part of our identity. There is a grey area between science and common sense that gets attributed to the soul. When the body dies, the soul shall live on.

We are all comprised of energy so picture this: when you burn paper it turns to smoke, the smoke is the energy that was in the paper being released in a new form. The same thing will happen to us when we die. Our energy shall be released to transform and begin a new life cycle.


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