Monday, October 12, 2009

The Artist in Motion


If your around me and you aren't smiling, then you are dead. The point of being a positive person is not to trap the positivity in your frame but to release it into the world and introduce it to everyone that you come into contact with. Making others happy will make you happy. If you are in a position to do something for someone; do it! Do it today! Don't wait until the worst occurs to look back and say "I could have done something about it." For every issue that you are dealing with there is someone in the world dealing with something far worst than that, imagine that the person next to you is that person because they just might be. 
I haven't been sick in over a year now and my only secret is that I have found the key to my happiness. I laugh everyday and smile at everything even the bad things because I understand that bad only creates the necessary balance and invites good in.


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