Saturday, October 17, 2009

& I Don't Even Read His Blog

This is by far the best picture that I have seen all week. 

Just so happens that the picture echo's how I feel about the current state of fashion. 

I offer my sincerest apologies to the readers that I left confused by the lack of an explanation.

 L&F used to be a fashion blog, featuring fashion week interviews, street style post, trends (current and my predictions), & the works. Everything that you have come to expect from the average fashion blog with my own spin on it. It was cool, life was great, we were having fun. The parties were hip, the people are cool and the jobs felt like recreation. Then one day something clicked in my head, as fast as the lights come on when you flip the switch and I woke up. The people are fake, the parties are redundant and the jobs are remedial; there was no challenge in it for me. I was creating post, slapping pictures anywhere and using 'key phrases' just to get through the week and it was acceptable. Why? Because thats what we all have come to expect from a fashion blog. I think thats what we all have come to expect from fashion and I was bothered by it. My lackluster post about designers throwing foolishness together just to have something be dragged down a runway by a woman that shows signs of being caged and denied food for months before the show. I find it utterly shameful that the last time I was excited about an article of clothing was 2007. Everything that I have added to my collection since then was most likely vintage, I find the pieces already created far more interesting that the nonsense that we are being force fed now. The real reason why I stopped 'fashion blogging' in the sense that we all have come to accept it is because all blogs say the same thing, cover the same topics and show the same pictures. No matter how different you try to word it you are all talking about the same thing (with the exception of few). So I have declared that all fashion featured on this blog (from whenever that switch flipped in my mind) is somehow associated with either P or myself. We want to focus more on the lifestyle than the fashion and I'm talking about the REAL lifestyle, not the nonsense that they would like you to believe. I'm referring to the lifestyle where we actually work for the money and purchase these items, as opposed to them being bestowed upon us by some ancient form of wizardry. Stop doing things just because the majority thinks you should do it. 

Majority of the time, the majority is wrong.

 Stop letting fashion control your life; it's just clothes. Materials, fabric and ideas pieced together to compliment your body and express a portion of the creative genius better known to us as a true designer. Appreciate it but don't worship it. Step on your LV bag, cut up your Gucci shirt, sneeze in your Fendi handkerchief; free yourself.



  1. I like this post, it reminds me of my "Is It Me Or..." post. How I was saying that people are trying to blog like the "Satorialist" Blog. I understand fully that is why my movement of "Individualism" through Selected Few is more respected than these other blogs. Even though, I have not gained that many followers yet I know my notarity is to come. So I can say I don't necessarily say I like this post, but I "LOVE" this post people don't see that being an individual is more than being part of a group that is different to others. But, more of a movement and confidence in oneself to stand alone and be known as you and not a copy of what is or what was.

  2. Thanks man. I've been feeling like this for some time now and I think a lot of people feel like this but then they think this is how it is supposed to be so they don't comment on it but the way fashion is going is sad. It has no substance.