Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean Cut B

In ancient war there were many soldiers, drummers, archers, a leader and a flag bearer. I had every intention to lock my hair then it hit me, if I did that I would be a flag bearer for the Rastafarian faith. I agree with a lot of their beliefs but not all of them and I wouldn't consider myself a rasta so out of the respect that I have for their way of life I see me locking my hair as a mockery to those that are true believers. That fact aside I felt that it was time for me to cut my hair. My hair was the physical representation of my growth, but me cutting my hair symbolized a change and even the smallest change makes a difference. Whether it be for good or bad is determined by progression.
Oh yea I also cut the sleeves off of my leather jacket, brought the Good Wood Brooklyn ring out to play on the Brooklyn Bridge and found my 3 year old Gucci shades. I'm feeling it.


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