Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion Assassin: Style Challenge

Things are heating up on the Brooklyn Circus blog, if you do not already follow the BkCircus family then you are doing yourself a disservice. I suggest that you immediately follow the link in the sidebar of L&F and catch up on what you have been missing. 
The picture seen above has caused quite a stir over whom dressed better, whether it was Colin the Circus Trainer (left) or Yung Bev (right) and so far it seems that the masses are at a dead lock with whom takes the victory.

The response to this picture has been so good that an open challenge has been issued by the Circus Trainer to anyone that feels that they are up to the challenge.
Personally I feel like I inspired the Circus Trainers recent look, above is a picture from last year, the last time that the Circus Trainer and I bumped heads. I am a fashion gun for hire and my aim is now set to Yung Bev because the Circus Trainer is a contract that I have killed already.