Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fabric of Life

About two weeks ago our good friend Phil from the Award Tour did an excellent post on denim in which he reminded everyone that denim's original purpose was to give the working class man an affordable pair of trousers that he could wear day after day to toil away at work until the fabric from the denim could take no more and gave way.
Personally I own countless pairs of denim and trousers, even after I donated some and packed a large sum of them in a barrel and shipped it out to Haiti (not even my culture), the way I saw it was, I'm not going to wear all of these and someone else in the world needs these way more than I do. Nowadays I only wear one pair of denim at a time and I am slowly destroying my collection. It never fails, every year I move into a pair of denim that I had but never wore and by the next year it is time to start looking for a new residence. The rip is always in the crotch and I am currently in the process of destroying my third pair. I want to get a collection of destroyed denim, then fix them all one by one and start wearing them again. This process does two things:
1) Makes me appreciate them so much more.

2) Personalizes them beyond anything that any stone wash can do.

The key is to wear them as much as possible, don't be afraid to do anything in them and do not wash them. Rain water will reveal the fades in the areas of the denim that you "live" the most.