Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York City with the temperature reaching 90 degree's I'm sure everyone in the five boroughs found some "constructive" way to take advantage of the good weather. I took this opportunity to take a walk down to the Brooklyn Circus and have a nice conversation with the very fashionable people that occupy that space. On the way to Bergen and Nevins I came across some beautiful pedals that held me in suspense, the only problem is that the pollen irritates my allergies.
On the one hand the bloom of these pedals is something to be appreciated but due to my allergic reaction the time that I am allowed to enjoy them is limited. This made me think of the countless others that suffer from the same condition and I have decided to brave the storm for you.
I know that pictures can never replace the real thing but at least the pictures don't make you sniffle, sneeze or tear.