Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kanye West Covers Vibe

Here we see Kanye West on the cover of Vibe, slightly more descent than the cover of the Fader (Pete I'm not trying to make you the butt of my jokes) but yet and still they fall short of the key element to will this magazine off of the racks and into peoples hands. Honestly it is a very nice cover but in these times very nice covers don't sell (ask Mens Vogue). So you as an editor and chief have to ask yourself what can I do to stay afloat in these unstable times (besides employ SoHo B)? The answer is quite simple people like to see pictures of Kanye West not because they want to look at his face but because they like to see his outfits. Now either you really liked this shot for the cover (which is your opinion and you are entitled to it) or you just didn't want to promote the Pastelle jacket and Dior denims that he was sporting (don't worry about how I know). Either way this cover is cool but I doubt it's cool enough to sell. Then again it's Kanye West on the cover, people are going to purchase it just because he is who he is and they want to read what he has to say. Maybe that was your plan all along.