Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Annex Basement: 911 Call The Operator!

Thursday morning I received a Facebook invitation from DJ Hiro about a party in The Annex basement titled Drop It Low; hosted by Contessa. I don't usually pay attention to Facebook invitations for parties nor have I ever been to a Contessa party but this one was different; Curt@!n$ was performing. I RSVP'd for the party and attempted to mentally prepare myself for what the party might be like. 
At 11 p.m. I get a text message from a lady friend of mine asking me if I was still attending the party, she also informed me that Curt@!n$ was yet to perform. Upon hearing this I threw an outfit together and scrambled out of the house faster than those eggs that you enjoyed this morning for breakfast. It took me all of 2o minutes to reach the Annex, which by the way isn't too far out of anyones way; conveniently located on 152 Orchard St. New York NY. Upon arriving I ran into a familiar face by the name of Peter Oasis, NY concert promoter for some of the coolest spots in New York and he manages DJ Roxy Cottontail; nice. After talking for a while we headed in.
No amount of mental preparation and meditation could have prepared me for what I was about to walk into. Upon entering the party I was hit with a slew of emotions: confusion, bewilderment, shock and simply huh? Peter disappeared and I was left to fend for myself in this strange and unfamiliar environment. Wandering through the crowd I found another familiar face Stevie Lee, whom was kind enough to explain everything to me. It has become clear to me that there are a lot of cultures and sub-cultures that I am unaware of; this my friends is one of them.
Long story short:
DJ Hiro's style is crazy and he can really play. Contessa is a really fun person to be around, she basically does what she wants to do and has a hell of a time doing it, she could careless if you like it or not. The main event, the show stopper, Curt@!n$ delivered the one two punch with his performance. I was expecting to hear some cuts off of the mixtape or even the newly released Black Folk but he actually did two songs that I have never heard in my life; sweeeet (Jay-Z voice).