Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pack It Up Father

The bag that you see above is a creation by two stylish young men out of Jersey. No one is better suited to tell their story than they are so I suggest you take the time out to read their site: Herds of the Fathers

I got a chance to speak with Tobi, one half of the design duo about everything that came to mind during an amazing photo shoot with Phil that the world will get a chance to marvel at shortly. After speaking with the young man I felt compelled not only to take this picture (they just happened to be standing like this; seriously) but also do this post because I feel like the direction of their blog and the motivation behind the creations are positive and long story short we are on the same wave length when it comes to the way we view fashion, style and some other things that I can't really focus on right now because Nas 'The World Is Yours' is playing in the background and now I'm getting a call from a very attractive young lady; peace and much love to ya!


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