Friday, December 11, 2009

I Think Thoughts

I’m constantly questioned about my source of motivation and my answer is always “nature”. I understand why people wonder what inspires me but I always wonder why they themselves aren’t inspired. We all get to a point on the path of attaining knowledge where you ask yourself “what is it all worth?” and all sorts of ideas run through your mind. Will I get married? Do I want children? Where will we live? Do I want to get serious now? Is the goal that I’m aiming for even the right thing for me? These questions and so much more circle your mind and no matter how much you try to evade these thoughts they always fight their way back to the front of your mind. They pop up when you are at work, the commentator talks about it during the game, the words float in your cereal and soup until you are convinced that you are going out of your mind.

When I feel like this I turn to a natural force to think and find my peace. I think in a tree, I sleep in the clouds, I dance in the rain; I love the rain. Something as simple as walking in the park can be helpful to me but that’s just how I find my peace. We all have to find our own peace b/c this world we live in is out of balance so there is no external peace. Don’t kill yourself; just find your inner peace.



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