Friday, December 25, 2009

The Way, The Truth & The Light

“I’m cool in my afterlife if I’m reading these chapters right” Shawn Carter

The Bible

One of the most controversial books ever written and one of the most disputed stories ever told. Scholars have been trying to come to a unified understanding about the scriptures and their correct interpretation. Most of the people that aren’t religious weren’t raised in religion. Most of those who were raised with a religious backing usually stray away but always return to their upbringing in times of need.

If you can correctly interpret the verses in the bible you would have learned the key to living: long, happy, healthy, wealthy & wise. There is only one problem. The accepted version of the bible is missing some books. The bible is the greatest story ever told and the main character in this story is Jesus Christ, however there are many years of his life missing from the bible, 18 to be exact. Those missing books are the key to understanding the connection between mind, body & soul, the earth and the universe in respect to the countless other universe, the key to the lock on our full brain ability and transcending the physical.

You already know the answers you seek; you just don’t remember that you know. What you are in search of is the right questions.


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