Friday, January 29, 2010

Often Enough I Think...

 I often sit and reflect in objects that aren’t reflective at all. I usually project my thoughts onto a wall. When you think about something its one thing but I turn those ideas in physical things so I can mentally manipulate them. If you can turn every thought or idea into a physical representation it makes it much simpler to understand. Last night I found myself reflecting in this wine glass. While everyone else was either eating or talking or a strange combination of both, I was thinking. I thought about life and the lives of those around me and as I twirled my wine in the glass I realized that life itself is like a glass of wine. It’s complex but yet smooth, sometimes it’s full bodied and fruitful while other times it is medium bodied but tasteful. However in the end, the glass of wine is always empty and all of the wine is gone.  

At least you can say you had a good meal.


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