Monday, July 27, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Fragile

Chrisette Michele feat Wale

Yesterday $cott and I ventured uptown to the set of Chrisette Michele's new song Fragile featuring Wale. The BBC Diamonds & Dollars bag that you see above is packed with clothes and accessories for Wale pulled from Bathing Ape and BBC/ Ice Cream by Great $cott. The sunny weather and positive energy followed us from SoHo all the way to 135th street to the set of the shoot. About 5 minutes after we arrived the rain started which forced us to retreat to the inside of a beauty salon.
In between shots Wale was responding to emails, getting some much needed relaxation and taking all bets in NBA 2K9. Apparently the DC artist loves the game just as much as I do and is confident in his skills. So for all of you hardcore 2K9ers out there know that Wale is the man to beat.
In between rounding up clothes and pulling out fresh pieces $cott had his own emails to attend to. One thing that few people know about $cott is that he is addicted to his blackberry, the one you see in his hand happens to be his fourth. So no matter how busy he is, he will always find a way to get back on his blackberry.
Rarely do you find a woman as talented as she is beautiful but in the case of Chrisette Michele that majority rule does not apply. Not only is the woman stunning but her voice is incredible. As you can see the combination was enough to captivate me.


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