Friday, July 31, 2009

The One to Remember...

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Please allow me to introduce you to Jasmin better known to the world as Vintage Vandalizm because of the blog site that she runs. Last night during the B.E.S.T event at Pop Burger this lovely lady caught my eye from the second she sat at the bar right up until she prepared to exit. I had no idea who she was or what she did but her aura was so powerful that I felt it from across the crowded room and I just had to meet her.
Upon meeting her I learned about her blog but I took the pictures of her because I found her to be the stand out piece on the rack so to speak. Every women came dressed how I expected them to dress with the exception of a few but Ms. Vandalizm was just in a class of her own with her style; I was blown away.
When I actually got a chance to read her blog I was overwhelmed by the fact that my suspicions were right, she isn't just a beauty with outstanding style she has a valid opinion on real topics. I am especially a fan of her break down of the things that she would like to change. I would love to actually sit down in a better setting and trade thoughts with V.V. sometime in the near future but for now enjoy the pictures of the best dressed woman of the night.


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