Friday, August 14, 2009

There She Goes!

Marcus Pierson
She Lingers

You have her at one hour and yet you lose her the next. She goes as easily as she comes but nothing comes without hard work. To know her is to see her but you can only see her if you know her. She stands in a crowd of women and stands out! She frequents these places but wouldn't be caught dead in THOSE places! She isn't invited to these parties... she is the party! Her smile is charming and her eyes are endearing... oh what a story they tell... She is a woman! How she wears her hair has nothing to do with her hair and has even less to do with who she is... any of this making any sense to you? The heels, the dress, the eye liner (recently learned that), the scent its all smoke and mirrors... do you know her? Who is she? Where is she? These are questions you should know the answer to... but only if you know her.

473 West Broadway 
New York, NY 10012 
T. 212.533.4262 
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