Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anyone Have The Time?

A non spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

I think we have all been mislead about time. As a child the way you are taught to understand time is through the design of the clock. In the early stages they show you a clock with two hands and the instructor manipulates the hands of the clock, stopping on particular times that are easy for you to understand. There are only two hands on these clocks that you are taught with, the minute hand and the hour hand, so does that mean that as a child seconds don't exist? 
Seconds don't exist to a child.
As we get older the clocks that we see get more intricate. Bigger faces, beautiful trim, life size grandfather frames, elegant hands and so much more get added to the original clock that we first learned to tell time with as a child. However there is one substantial difference in the clock; the second hand. Once we get past the age of 5, the second hand becomes real to us. Is it that we better understand time now or is it that time has somehow grown with us? Has time expanded to include seconds or have the seconds always been present? Somehow these new clocks always remind us of the first clock that we learned on so we will always be able to tell the time no matter how different they look.
Our minds are conditioned to think a certain way from infancy.
Daylight savings time is a blatant manipulation of time for the economic profit of the government, America isn't the only country that follows this setting the clock back/ setting the clock ahead process. Remember the initial definition of time? "apparently irreversible succession" doesn't it strike you as odd that the English definition of time uses the word "irreversible" but yet we set our clocks back for an extra hour of sunlight?
What is the connection between the clock and time itself?
The clock is a tool, a man made device that stems back to the beginning of time. When the clock was first created man used the positioning of the sun to determine what time it was. What does the sun have to do with time itself?
Forget Everything You Already Know!
Time is independent. Everything else is affected by the existence of time. The planets in our solar system orbit the sun in a matter of time but the time they take to orbit the sun doesn't determine time itself. Therefor the time it takes our planet to spin on it's axis doesn't define time itself. Truth is no man has ever completely understood time. Time is a natural force of the universe and the key to comprehending the idea of time is understanding yourself and nature itself. Technology has created this idea that we can manipulate the forces of nature but in actuality it has kept us further from the truth than ever before. We aren't living off of the natural time of the universe but rather by an artificial man made time. The reason we can actually manipulate this time is because it isn't real.
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