Monday, November 2, 2009

You & I Both...

Approach you with my eyes closed, your breathing heavy, your body temperature is rising, your almost ready. Open my eyes wide & dive inside yours, you belong to the city but your mines behind closed doors. Swept you off your feet, you would have fallen for my charm but I held your stamina up with my energy. Deep inside the fox hole I massage your soul, I pull you close to me, whisper in your ear "let it go" & watch you lose control... WOAH

I think you need a break, I see it in your face, your about to break but I promised I would you give you more than you could take, your core starts to quake, your leg starts to shake, your nails in my back, your screaming my name! Your stuttering words, all you can say... gator... gator. You want that gatorade? No more holding back, I'm about to give you all, then I pause for just one thought: How sturdy is that wall? Thought lost, socks off, now we will never fall. The bed's dead, the rooms a mess, everything is on the floor but we don't even notice we are caught up in the storm. You didn't know secure until you were in my arms. Your body told your mind it felt love in my palms & your eyes told me "I want you to hold me". Lost inside a pleasure we are having fun, I know a place that we can go (whispers in your ear) "Baby just cum". The volcano explodes, the hurricane came, you lay there froze, your so amazed. You want to take pictures but your in a daze, DAMN what a day, MY what a night, BEAUTIFUL girl, o what a LIFE! I watch the sun rise, your gone before I yawn twice...
This was just a dream it was all in my mind. 



  1. Hey Hey how come there is no comment... I LOVE UR DREAM!

  2. I woke up & wrote this as I remembered it.