Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. West Covers Complex

This is the best concept that I have seen so far that any magazine has drawn up for Mr. West. The old complex spread from last summer used to be the best but this one takes the cake.
Why do you think there’s such a fixation on your sexuality?

Kanye West:
 I really think it’s because society tries to dictate the way a guy is supposed to dress and the way a guy is supposed to act, and I refuse to conform. A lot of these dudes would never be accused of being gay just because they all look exactly alike. If people could just realize the amount of mundaneness and followers that lack creativity… I think people’s mentality is like, Only gay people are that creative. And it’s true there are a lot of gay people who are incredible creative minds, but there are straight people who are incredible creative minds—and there’s gay people who can’t dress or create at all, too. Closed-minded gay people probably say they dress “straight.”