Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Major?

That's right homie we major!

If you didn't know that was a line from a Kanye West song off of what in my opinion was the best album that he ever made Late Registration. When I first heard that Mr. London was going to be involved in this show, I felt good because I know the struggle. I listen to the music because it is quality music and I enjoy listening to it but I support the man because I know the struggle, I remember, you remember, they remember, I was there, you were there, they were there. We all witnessed first hand the beautiful struggle and we all feel connected to Theo in some way shape or form so it feels good and is in a way inspiring when you see him accomplishing such feats. To those that didn't believe, here is the physical evidence that you needed. Earlier in the week I made a comment on Facebook in response to one of his accomplishments and I think it may have been misunderstood. I said: "What is next?" and I said it in a motivational sense. That is to say, you have accomplished this and we are proud of you but don't stop there; keep going.