Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrifting & Lifting

I haven't been too inthralled with what designers are making this season, honestly I haven't loved something new since '07 (beautiful year for fashion). So I took '08 off, Ghost P and I made a decree that we wouldn't purchase any big article of clothing for the whole year and we survived successfully due in large part to all of the shopping we did in '07. However since we completed the year I have been getting into vintage pieces and as a result I've been frequenting a lot of thrift shops and scoring some really nice finds to add to my collection of clothing. Personally I don't think I need anything because I'm really satisfied with what I have already but sometimes I want to step outside of this comfort zone that I have created so I'll pick up something nice like this varsity jacket seen above. Right now it's a blank canvas that happens to fall exactly at my waist but in a month or so I should have completed the personalization process.


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