Friday, October 2, 2009

NYC... Bye!

Marc Jacobs denim knapsack • Marc Jacobs book bag • YSL duffel bag

After an extended period of time spent in New York City you are left with two options to cope with the stress of living in a big city. Either you drug yourself out of your mind so that the meticulous work of the day to day grind and the stress of balancing a personal life doesn't penetrate your brain, or you escape the zoo every time you see the cage door open. Ghost P and I are currently running from NYC for the weekend and heading down to Pittsburgh to see our brother Judah, the conquering lion.
We have embarked on this 15 hour road trip, due in large part to a 3 hour layover that we have in Philadelphia and the numerous 'leg stretching' stops that we are blessed with in between. The blue MJ book bag seen above is filled with enough snacks to help us make the trip on a somewhat full stomach. The other two are stuffed with more than enough outfits for the weekend and anything that I might get into. Won't be back to NYC until 3AM Monday morning; see you then.

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