Monday, November 23, 2009

The Good Fellas

photo credit: Cre 

When I saw this picture I thought back to when I first became aware of the existence of these two very individual individuals and the whole Award Tour movement. The year was 2005, Demetri and I went to the same school and his fly gear was getting him a lot of recognition and forced on lookers to compare him to people two grades ahead of him. Juice was infamous at that time for being a free spirit. He basically did what he wanted to, when he wanted to & regardless of what you think of him he demands your respect. P & I didn't formerly meet up with these two and the rest of the crew until 2006 at a fashion show in Brooklyn due to the fact that there was a mutual friend at the time doing everything in his power to ensure that we all never became friends. 

It's been three years and some months since the first time I met these guys and what I must say that it was a beautiful day in space when we all met because it was like we all instantly became family. I can go weeks without talking to Juice but when we link up again something happened to one of us that the other completely understands and we just happen to be building on the same ideas. Demetri and I think so much alike that I can almost predict his moves. More recently I've been calling him my nephew due to a situation I had to help him out of in which I impersonated his uncle.

They say blood is thicker than water but I believe when you actually choose the people that you want to consider family it is a stronger bond than the family you are born into. 

"No man alive can divide this family." LaRon James



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