Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can You Move to This?

Can you walk to the beat? Well I mean you could walk to the beat but who needs to walk to anyone else's beat when you design like this? You are viewing John Galliano Fall 09 Collection as was seen in Paris. This is the most standoffish collection that I have seen this season. I say that because it simply stands out from the line, not that other collections don't but this one does so much so that it is right in my face I can smell the scents of the material and make up mixture. No one is doing anything like this right now, other designers may have similar elements but the way that everything is put together is incredible. Not to mention this is still only READY TO WEAR! 

I told you since NY Fashion Week that we were on the dawn of a new age and now we get more supporting details. We are entering a time when designers will put more effort into the RTW pieces that they design, end result: more elaborate pieces that you can just walk into a shop and purchase off of a rack.
I am a big fan of the theme as well. This is inspired by a time in history where everyone dressed better. Men wore three pieces to brunch and women wore big decedent gowns. There was a distinct separation between the classes and mixing was unheard of. A shoemaker could never eat with a lord but when you design your gowns this well I'm sure that Galliano would have had no trouble holding council with anyone.
Ladies are you getting more bang for your buck?