Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chanel F/W 09 Collection

I am a fan of the craftsmanship of Karl Lagerfeld for all the right reasons. I believe that he is a well respected and much appreciated designer but there are people that just like Chanel and KL himself because they are following the hype. When you get something just because of the hype behind it I think you lose a bit of appreciation for it. To look at a legendary line like Chanel and only see something that your friend has and you want too is distasteful. When you see a woman in the street with a Chanel bag know that she is carrying her belongings in a piece of heritage. This new collection from Lagerfeld for Chanel is not to be ignored, overlooked or taken lightly. In this particular collection I like the direction that Karl has taken us. It's always good to see when a designer can take a fashion house with it's roots planted deep (meaning it's old), modernize it and tweak it without sacrificing the image of the house.

This unique spandex piece was a chance that paid off in my personal opinion.