Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cockpit Herringbone Cardigan (Sale)

If you take a wool knit vest, put a nice herringbone pattern on it, and another set of pockets and finally sleeves; then you'll probably get something that resembles the creation above. I am a huge fan of cardigans and honestly I have never seen anything quite like this before, this was such a good idea.
My only concern is the length of the sleeves, models are usually tall people and the clothes are mainly made to fit them so the fact that the sleeves are a bit long on the model bothers me but it's nothing that your tailor can't handle anyway.

-side note-
Why didn't the stylist on set clamp the sleeves behind the elbow so it looked better for the shot? The pins would have been out of sight and the presentation would have been so much better.