Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Japan Vogue

Lately I've been looking more into Japan Vogue, not that I never payed attention to it before but lately more than ever before. I think I'm going to look further into Japan GQ, then investigate Paris. I starting to realize that these other issues of Vogue, Mens Vogue and GQ have (slightly) more to offer than the US version. Is creativity and emotion  censored in US magazines? It seems to me that these foreign releases have so much more emotion in the pictures and dresses that I would usually consider non-functional are displayed so well that I am giving second thought to my theory. 
So what is it that Japan, Tokyo, Paris and maybe even London have over the US? In my opinion I believe that we have gotten so relaxed due in large part to our belief that we are the best that these other countries are just outworking us because they have something to prove; with the exception of Paris of course.