Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If You Knew Better...

The saying goes "if you knew better, you would do better". However I feel like its time for us to revise that saying, not because it is untrue but because I (opinion) feel that it is inadequate. How about if you dressed better you would do better. I know that "the clothes don't make the man" and "you can put lipstick on a pig..." however it is an undeniable fact that dressing a certain way boost a person's self-esteem. Men that don't usually wear suits act differently when they are in a suit, so the saying would go something like "dress a certain way and act accordingly". 
Have you ever got dressed and just been inspired to accomplish something great that day? The next time you have a test to take, or a presentation to do or a first date with a girl, wear something nice and see how much better you feel. Ever notice that on "bad" days you dress inconspicuous and dreary, while on other days you may be a bit more vivacious and outgoing with the outfit selection? Clothes are like mood rings, in a way, they give you an idea of how the person is feeling. 
Looks by Ralph Lauren a man that has been inspiring men since 1967.