Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BoHo Style: A Lingering Trend

What you are viewing above is a compilation of BoHo style thanks to Intermix. I have been seeing this trend creep in as early as last year, really stylish women were doing it two years ago; but at that time they were looked upon as weird women. However last summer it got it's official start with the re-introduction of gladiator sandals into the market. Women were tossed into a frantic search for a style to match the sandals, factor in the temperature and the rising popularity of vintage stores and there you have it: BoHo.
My prediction about what is going to happen is similar to the life-cycle of any trend. BoHo is going to get really big this summer, you aren't going to be able to go a SoHo Block without seeing a woman in cut shorts, bright tops and head ties of some quirky sort. Then in the height of the summer it is going to get over saturated and begin to die down. By the time next summer rolls around BoHo should be quietly on it's way out the door. If it does not follow this cycle then I will be truly surprised. However until that time comes, get ready for a summer full of these simple but eccentric looks.