Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Summer,

If you are looking to make a splash this coming summer but you are tired of the looks that are already in your closet, I don't think you should do something as extreme as throw everything away and start fresh. I would suggest you go through your entire collection and pick out timeless pieces that you absolutely cannot live without and put the questionable pieces to the side. Then slowly rework those questionable pieces back in. If you can't see how an article of clothing will benefit you then lose it, don't feel forced to wear something just because you purchased it; everything has an expiration date. 

When looking to the summer there should always be a theme in your closet, otherwise your looks will be random and scattered. There is usually one good item that you purchase that you like so much you want to work everything that you already own around it just so you can wear it more often. Getting dressed should be fun, if you ever go to your closet and feel sad or discontent then there is definitely something wrong. In most cases it is just that you are tired of looking at the same clothes. That feeling transpires onto you when you wear the clothes and it shows. I suggest you add a little spice to your closet, try something that you have never done before, while your at it try a new hair style and some new shoes as well.