Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pocket It

A pocket scarf is a nice way to spice up any outfit. There are many different ways that you can wear a pocket scarf depending on the length of the scarf. The most common way is to simply place it in the breast pocket of a blazer or vest (if applicable) with only an inch of the scarf being revealed. However as you become more comfortable with wearing scarves you can reveal more and more of the scarf. 

Another option for wearing the pocket scarf is tied around the neck, but this only works if the scarf is long enough and if it looks natural. The style is a very French inspired style and it is meant to be tied loose as if you just threw it around your neck and tied it so it wouldn't move, but not so loose that it will move. When done correct it can be a very effective addition to an outfit. 

The material of the pocket scarf is also something to be considered because silk scarves are more likely to slip and move, to start out I'd advise you use a cotton scarf. It will give you the stability and consistency that you will need to really get your feet wet.

Try a pocket scarf today: