Saturday, May 16, 2009

Style Stepout of Pranna

Last Thursday night, Pranna was definitely the place to be. Style Stepout hosted an event in collaboration with 8 degrees and the luxury spot. The event was a showcase for artist and designers that you should pay attention to in 2009. The original line up included a company that L&F readers are already familiar with; Good Wood. However due to some miscommunication the Wood didn't actually make it to the event but I did meet a good designer by the name of Monica Favela George, she started her own collection of Italian made women's heels. GiGi Favela is the name of the brand which was named after her inspiration and love of her life; her daughter. As a general rule in New York where ever there is a designer and complimentary drinks there are bound to be interesting people so follow the link for the rest of the pictures from the event.