Monday, May 11, 2009

Dr. Simons Sandals

Raf Simons x Dr. Martens
Summer 09
2008 was undoubtedly a good year for Dr. Martens, the boots were a hit last winter especially amongst women with the release of the hot pink color. This summer Dr. Martens has teamed up with Raf Simons to provide something brand new for their consumers; sandals. This design is Simon's style so it should be well received by his current fan base. The design stuck with the original form of a Dr. Marten boot but will those consumers be willing to go toes out this summer? One good outcome that most likely shall occur is they are going to reach a new market together that they were unable to reach independently. I already have my assumptions on how this product is going to do in the market but the consumers have the final word so for now all we can do is speculate; time will tell the rest.