Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jay-Z - Death of Auto-Tune

I wanted to say that this song has to be one of Jay-Z most misunderstood songs so far but then I realized that the majority doesn't understand what Jay-Z is talking about or where he's going with his songs and they have never understood stemming back to his debut album Reasonable Doubt in '96. When it comes to the jigga man nothing is as it seems, if he says he went right, think left or don't think direction at all. It is all very confusing I know but you have to study his lines to really grasp what he is really saying. 

I've been listening to everyone ramble about their feelings on not only the D.O.A song but Jay-Z in recent times as well and I have remained quiet because only a fool speaks on matters he doesn't completely understand. After studying the song and giving everyone else opinion some deep thought I am finally ready to render my opinion. 

The D.O.A song is deeper than most people initially realized. There has been some criticism because he neglected to directly call people out. Historically Jay-Z has called out few artist by name and it has only been those that he considered worth it at that time. Think back to the minor dispute between him and The Game after The Game's line on his song West Side Story "I don't wear throwback jerseys and ride in maybach's". When Jay-Z responded in Dear Summer we all knew whom he was referring to and we found it endearing that he didn't even say his name. He even threatened to reveal the artist saying "You gon make that boy Hov put ya name in a song". 

There was also some talk of how Jay-Z didn't really say anything in the song, he just went on about how good the song was going to be but in all actuality the song was full of content that is very fitting for the time. Rappers like Jay-Z have a winning formula in their head for how to make a hit record and how to sell albums, that formula usually gets adjusted to what the current state of music is and what is hot. However this song is so big because it is going against the popular vote so to speak. This song excludes everything that he would need to make a hit record right now and that is a point that he stresses in the song. This is a strong statement that he is making, he has re-written the blueprint and redesigned the building. What once was Roc-a-Fella is now Roc Nation. This song is just an introduction to the restructuring of the empire.
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