Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something We Forgot

While heading to the office today I realized that there is a statue of George Washington on Nassau right before it turns into Broad st. Upon this statue catching my eye it held my attention for the next five minutes. For five whole minutes I stood there like a tourist analyzing every article of clothing with as careful an eye as I possessed. As the shot clock buzzer went off in my head and I snapped out of it, an idea was so strong in my head that it unconsciously escaped my lips "somewhere along the line we got lost". 

This is an idea that I have been wrestling with for some time now and it seems that everyday I find a new example to either support my idea or remind me of how far gone the society in my generation really is. I am honestly in fear for the years to come because if things continue to progress the way that they have been going there are some dark days ahead of us.

Don't get me wrong, there have been many social advances throughout the course of history that should not and cannot be undone because in the past there were many social injustices going on but this post in particular is referring to the style of dressing of this time period. Somewhere along the line people lost a sense of pride in their appearance. We lost a sense of self dignity some how and it directly affects the way we act, the way we dress, the type of friends we have, the relationships that we get into and the jobs that we do. This man went to war in this attire and we can't even go to the corner deli in something decent. Am I the only one that see's something wrong with that?


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