Monday, July 13, 2009

Brains, Beauty & MCM Shades

Amber Rose

When you want to learn anything the best way to gather information is to google it. When I got home and I googled Amber Rose I couldn't find one sentence that encompasses the woman that I met today and that is a shame. This woman's energy is so positive that I didn't see her, I felt it as I walked past and it grabbed me so I looked back only to see that this strong flow of positive energy belonged to an equally beautiful woman. A woman that has been talked about by every single gossip site and hip hop radio station in the tri state area. It's just a shame that through all of this talking no one really hit the nail on the head.

This is a woman who's inner beauty outshines her stunning physic the moment she speaks. If you plant a seed of negativity you can expect nothing but negativity to grow. If you remain positive through moments of extreme negativity you can accomplish anything. We had a very random yet interesting conversation on everything from energy to fashion and I can honestly say that this woman brightened my day. 
Thank you


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