Friday, July 17, 2009

Quality Coming Soon

For the fashionable purpose of this post the phrase "coming soon" isn't referring to things that are to come but rather a clothing line. Coming Soon happens to be the newest clothing line designed by Yohji Yamamoto. The line seems to be the offspring of Y-3 borrowing certain notes from the parent brand however the more you get into this new line the more you will notice that it has a distinct style of its own.

Company Philosophy
"Coming Soon is a brand created for a generation of women and men who wear what they like, without stating who designed it. Wearing Coming Soon is an act to express who you are through the essence of clothing, fabric and cut for everyday comfort and style."
I like the aim of this new line so I decided to field test a piece. I went from Central Park to SoHo, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and went deep into Bed Stuy Brooklyn comfortably. The only mark to separate this shirt from any other ordinary black shirt is the circle stitching on the back which holds the neck tag. The top is well crafted and surprisingly breathable which should come in handy this summer because if the past two days in NYC were any indication we are in for an extremely hot and uncomfortable summer. The abuse of the obvious labels look is over-saturated, I hate when everyone can glance at me and tell what I'm wearing. Let your day to day outfits be a guessing game.


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