Monday, July 13, 2009

The Heart of the City

My friends from out of town look to me as their insight to what New York City is like in the summer. There are people all over the world that desperately long to come here, so they paint this grand picture in their minds and hold it dear to their heart as inspiration to finally make the trip. I get asked a million times "what is the city like?" and I could never find the appropriate words to answer that question. I end up saying a bunch of things that make no sense to the inquisitive friend at all. 
New York is an attitude, it's a feeling that you feel when you've just finished a meal and even though there is nothing on your plate you cant help but stay. Funny thing is most of our meals are eaten on the go: Burger King, Wendy's, McDonalds. We are loud even when our mouths are closed. We use our clothes to express our souls. It sounds something like: sizzle, scorch, pot hole, pardon me, loud engine... BRAKE! necks turn, real slow. It looks like a concert, fashion show, reality show, tv, short skirt, big chest, hot girls, feel me?
These shots of SoHo today capture just a bit of what I wish everyone who has never been to New York City could see. 

When people come here they always looks at the buildings in astonishment but what they don't realize is New York City is the people, not the actual buildings.

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